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Interior designing just like every other art form has its basic principles and techniques that has to be followed. Everything that we see in the nature has it’s benevolence. Just like the spectrum of a rainbow has seven distinct colours yet no distinct boundaries between it. Interior designing too has seven basic principles that will help you transform and create your beautiful home. “There is nothing more important than a good, safe, beautiful home.” The seven *basic principles of interior designing are as follows — 1) Balance. 2) Emphasis. 3) Contrast. 4) Rhythm. 5) Scale and proportion. 6) Harmony and unity. 7) Details. And we’ll be covering each of them in order to make a good foundation to start the journey of making your home truly yours. People often undermine how much they can achieve with just having their basic principles clear.
  • Interior Balance

Having a balance in every aspect of life has always been preached by great people from different fields. Balance has always been integrated in our senses. Just like our eyes having a balanced vision, it inevitably has an affinity to things that are in a sense of equilibrium. True balance in interior designing can be achieved with many things like shape, size, colour or even texture. The way to introduce balance in the art of interior designing can be done in three ways, viz — symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance and radial balance.
  • But How

Just as the name suggests, symmetrical balance is of congruence between two splits that mirror each other. For example Having two similar couches on the either end of a room. Such design is easy on the eyes but overdoing it might result into a boring room ! Too much balance also causes imbalance ! Hence the other addition can be placement of two chairs on the other side of the couch. This won’t mirror it exactly but will create an asymmetrical balance. Furthermore, if you have a round object (having a parameter of radius)  like a coffee table then, objects are defined radially to it which gives us a radial balance. One should note that, radial balance cannot be tampered with assymetrical objects as it soils the look. If everything was of gold then it wouldn’t have been noble, right ?
  • Emphasis

If everything in your home’s interior catches your eye or has a lot of emphasis to provide then it scatters your perception, which results into an overwhelming mess or even boring design. Hence, the science of design demands an anchor. An anchor is a point of interest which enhances your interior as well as gives you a focal point to work with. As formidable it sounds, an anchor can be as simple as a window with a good view or even an unusual furniture that always stops the wandering eyes, hence giving you an anchor.
  • Interior Contrast

When two things, objects or even colours having opposing charactersitics are placed together then we have a new dimension to use in our interior, this is what contrast is about. Yes, playing with opposites might be risky but we already know that risk comes with gain. Contrast done right in your home adds in new look of polarity which stimulates your senses. Though one should always keep balance in mind and not let one object over power the other, and hence sometimes an addition of some sort of neutrality is done to create a harmony or rhythm. Art speaks in its own ways
  • Rhythm

Music with notes, paintings with strokes. Your home is no less than your canvas. The objects you place, the colours you choose creates rhythm. A symphony of physicality around you that caresses you and your senses in totality, be it consciously or subconsciously. Getting a serene rhythm for your home is essential and it doesn’t require a shrewd sense of expertise. You can achieve your desired rhythm by creating visual interest, by patterns of repetition and contrast. One can achieve this by using the same color or shape at different intervals. Exactly how  good music is ! Let there be harmony, let there be bliss !
  • Interior Harmony and Unity

Every aspect of your life should be beautiful. Everything in your surroundings and your home should be meaningful and magnificent. Yet, one needs harmony. Two attractive things kept together may not amplify both their beauty. Harmony is created when all the elements come together to create a unified picture. Where rhythm can create excitement, harmony creates a sense of restfulness. For example, one can create harmony with color, by having the same colour tone around you even with different forms of shape, size, and texture. Scale and proportion
  • Interior Design Order Is Imperative

Proportion is the ratio between the size of one part to another, and scale is reliability of the size of one object to another or to the space in which it is placed. These two aspects can make or break the aura of your home. As an over-sized object in a small room takes in all the emphasis as well as disturbs the balance. Hence getting these two right is very important. As complex it might look but the answer to this is found EVERYWHERE ! In all forms of nature. Thanks to the Greeks who found the Golden ratio/section which gives us a perfect formula for perfect scale and proportion ! The formula states: The ratio of the smaller section to the larger section should be the same as that of the larger section to the whole. Revolutionary artists and architects have been using it since ages and even today. Just like any other formula, one can’t go wrong with the Golden ratio as long as one stays true on it. “Remembering tiny details is always a plus !”
  • Details

A painting looks pretty because of the colours, but it’s the minor details which speaks louder about the painter’s skill and competence. Details is what renders a finished look of completion. Details gives life to your designs and your interiors. Even the hue of a light or correct placement of an accessory gives details and bring out the best out of your design ! The pursuit of perfection is futile but constantly aiming and improving on it is what life is, details are something of your own and is ever-changing. One should always strive for it rather than staying in stagnation of complacency ! You can find a balanced look for your home at kenishaawasthi.com. We aim to provide extremely attractive additions for your home. Find your harmony and create your own rhythm to emphasize your style ! We provide you accessories of various propositions meant just for you ! Adding details in your interiors, and happiness in your life is our goal ! Read: Your Home Your Decor Your Budget

Co-Written by: Shubham Upadhyay

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