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Space Up Your Living In Less Space

Space Up Your Home Living In Less Space

In a world where the population is constantly increasing, the problem of less space is something we all have faced or will be facing. The human mind is limitless and we don’t like to be in congest or cage environments that restrict our movements or imagination. When it comes to your home decor, every square foot matters! Breaking your bank account for a bigger home is not an advisable answer when you can maximize your space with some clever hacks! Designers all over the world have come up with great hacks to incorporate more space in your home decor and produce stunning *interiors* for your temple!


Your Living In Less Space



Home Decor for small apartments can be easily done with hacks that make your room roomier! Starting with the most evident, that is decluttering. Simply removing unnecessary objects and things you don’t need is a one time job with huge pay off! Less debris in home and more space to fill with house decoration items. Moreover decluttering allows your interior decor to breathe and adds more life!

A room is not a room without natural light


Your Living

Space – Light

Welcoming natural light to your interior design is not only healthy but also light has illusionary effects on our brain. Natural light, be it sunlight or moonlight when becomes an addition to your decor creates a mirage of more spacious and wider rooms. No wonder large windows are always welcomed in modern home decoration. It’s rightly said that there’s nothing as magical as nature and it’s natural! Lights of India has a lot of character, and a room with character is always a treat to the senses!


“The colours in your home are a reflection of your life and space”


Space Up Your Living In Less Space

Space – Colour

Never underestimate the effects colours have to your home decor as well as your mood. Colours that reflect back highly have a tendency to create an appearance of space. Hence, many interior designers recommend lighter hues as it reflects more light and appears to create an illusion of more space. Many studies state that lighter tones on the ceiling make it appear higher than ceilings of darker shades.  Dark colours on floors or placement of patterned carpets with excess textures, constrict space due to low reflection of light. Usage of lighter shades of tiles also maximise reflection and inevitably, space too.

As we know, scientifically white colour reflects all wavelengths of light, hence it’s the most effective hack to make the most of small spaces.

The key to good home decoration is balanced so using a lot of colours in tiny spaces is overwhelming but with white being a major part of your interior, few splashes of colours make the place more vibrant!

White helps your room appear bigger effortlessly and budget-friendly!

Mirror mirror on the wall, make my home prettiest of all!

You already must know by now that, when working in tight spaces, reflection is your best friend as it will help you “grow”. Nothing in this world reflects as immaculately as a mirror. It reflects natural as well as artificial light and by placing it strategically near windows will give the best results. Sliding windows having mirror panels also greatly increase space along with a modern look to your house.

Simple vintage framed mirrors or artistic frames can kill two birds with one stone. The mirror increases space and such frames add elegance to your decor and a free vibe to your home.


Space Up Your Home Living In Less Space

Keep it Simple

In general, small spaces look more attractive when not overpowered by anything ostentatious. Simplicity never goes out of style and minimalism keeps the mystery! Instead of lots of wall paintings and wall accessories, austerity with decoration lets the energies flow. We at Kenishaawasthi.com are on a goal to provide affordable products to make your home truly yours! Be it minimalistic decoration for homes or information about interior designing. We are here to catch you when you fall in this beautiful yet deep world of design. Check out our hand-picked exclusive products and stay tuned for more!

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Co-Written by: Shubham Upadhyay

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