1)The person calling must ensure their details at the time of signing up to book the calls are accurate.

2)The call is a mode for Kenisha’s fans to speak with her one on one and the caller must ensure to not say anything that is indecent or out of line.Upon a breach of this , the call will he immediately cut with no refund.

3)The caller must ensure there are no personal questions asked.

4)The call will be timed to the exact duration booked by the caller and end of that duration be automatically cut. Any extension post that will be chargeable additionally.

5)The duration for calling avaiable are 20 mins ,30 mins ,45 mins and 1 hour. Anything lesser than 20 mins will still be the same tarriff as 20 mins whether you speak for 5 mins or the full 20 mins duration.

6)For the fans whose conduct impresses Kenisha and who are her genuine superfans, a gift will be arranged as a token if appreation .

Choosing who is a superfan will remain Kenisha’s call entirely.