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Wooden Clock Are A Timeless Choice

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Human fascination towards Wooden Clock entropy has always intrigued our minds and hence we gave birth to the concept of time.

  • This isn’t anything but a futile attempt to take control over it (time),
  • It had to be a far fetch dream.
  • Still is.

In the 21st century, are swamp with time presenting devices. From our mobile screens, computer, to even a microwave. With the immense advancement of technology.

The time devices we have are

  • Automated
  • Don’t need to calibrate
  • Are chargeable
  • Our highly accessible and
  • Even customizable to an extent.

With such great developments and having time right under our fingertips, one might question the very existence of its progenitor. The wooden clock.

As Ambrose Bierce defines a wooden clock as

Wooden Clock

  • A clock is a machine of great moral value,
  • Allaying the concern for the future by reminding, what a lot of time remains.

The question that is raised today is — With all of the time-telling devices around, who needs an outdated wall wooden clock?

And the answer to this is— EVERYONE.

Everyone who is on a journey to make a home.

Wooden Clocks have been so well inculcated in the science of Interior Designing, well-being, and Home Decor, that any person worth their salt knows what potential a good timepiece have and what imprint it can leave onto the whole gusto of your home’s decor.

Yes indeed, today wooden clocks are more of a style statement to your home rather than a quick glance for knowing the time. The market of wooden clocks as well as the makers of it quickly got accustomed to the changing “time” (of course they had to) and presented a whole new array of designs to fit one’s choice and interior styling. Today the market is filled with wooden clocks of all sorts of style, texture, rhythm, color, you name it and the market has got it.

As much as we agree to the saying of Sam Levenson

“Don’t watch the wooden clock; do what it does. Keep going.”

How long will you keep going in order to find the perfect timepiece? As, the more the choices, the more the confusion. As if the shapes weren’t enough. wooden Clocks compete on all sorts of parameters ranging from the motion of dials to its persona of modern and vintage. From it’s color and material to its shape and size. Too many choices may leave you unsatisfied with your own choosing, as there will always be more to explore!

Hence we at KenishaAwasthi.com understand the dilemma that comes with immense available choices. We believe one shouldn’t waste “time” on searching for the best timepieces  (ironic ! Isn’t it ?) We handpicked the best in a class of structured as well as pop art wooden clocks that will complement your home decor and refine your interiors to new heights. No more bland walls and boring Wooden Clocks

Check out our brilliant collection of wooden clocks that shows you the time at a glance yet are forever timeless to hold your sight onto your walls. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pieces NOW!

Time is ticking….tick-tock!

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Co-Written by: Shubham Upadhyay

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