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Your Home Your Decor Your Budget

Your Home Your Decor Your Budget Kenisha Awasthi

There is huge difference between a home and a house.

Just like, living and existing homes.

Everything around us exist but only a sprinkle lives. Houses too are available in abundance but homes have identities, just like the individuals living in them. People often have a misconception that in order to have an attractive interior, one needs to splurge.

Yet in reality, the essence of interior designing is always the person and how he/she lives in home. As rightly said by David Hicks,

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.”

It’s plausible to say that interior designing is like making a symphony of music where small yet important objects are the notes to play with.  Decorating your home has never been easy as everything is available right here, at very affordable prices. With this article we aim to show, “How to do decor in budgets” and it’s easier than you think!


Be The Colour Of Your Own Homes Painting

For instance, a simple photo frame on an empty wall in your home can drastically add a new dimension altogether. Walls are often overlooked or totally overwhelmed by accessories and both aren’t the right way to go. The key to admirable walls is, balance. A simple wall clock  along with a wall painting to get you curious can go a long way to speak about the sanctity of your place. One can also experiment with wall lamps or even mirrors to add new depth to their surroundings. Always have the most stylish wall accessories to take your wall game up a notch. Always remember, if it’s speaks to you, it belongs to you!

Have a look at our Wall Clock Collections here


“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.”


Such fantasies can be easily achieved by playfully placing colours all around you and let them play their own unique symphonies, in your home.

Home decors are not a standard to follow but a painting to paint. Nothing is off boundaries when it comes to getting playful.


What feeds the brain, evidently feeds the soul

 A simple book shelf will stimulate your mind with both, the colors of different books as well as the knowledge it imparts. Moreover, it adds in a lot of character to your home. Furthermore, you can get it in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, whichever fits your appetite for books and visual appeal. Find a wide range of book shelves to satisfy your needs! Not to forget that it surely compliments the nature of a tv stand we all have in our homes. Nothing except the best for you, be it for feeding your brain in solidarity or watching a nail biting sports match with your loved ones.

You can find a wide selection of Entertainment Units here.

One which goes with your style and your home tv set.

Your house is your temple, and making it pretty is not an expense but an investment to your healthy wellbeing. We at “Kenisha Decor” aim to make it fun, affordable and personal to you. Stay tuned for making an ordinary house to a home specifically suited to you. Buy all sorts of home decor items right here that are meant to be around you yet always within you.

Let’s build your kingdom together without spending like an aristocrat!


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